After you run the System Check, if your software or plug-ins are listed as unsupported or inadequate, please contact your company's IT department.

Internet Explorer and Firefox are the supported internet browsers.

If your browser and computer settings are listed as supported but you are having an issue, please send an email to your Site specific contact listed below.

You are responsible for keeping your account information current. If there is information you are not able to update, please send an email to your Site specific contact listed below. - Cape Canaveral, FL; Vandenberg, CA; Decatur, AL; Harlingen, TX - Denver, CO and Pueblo, CO

Having trouble?

Let's see if we can help. Following the steps below should help you better understand the issue you're having and will help us to assist you.
Run a System Check
Before anything else, let's make sure your browser environment is up to snuff. Our System Check page will let you know if there is anything you need to be concerned with on your end. Sometimes it's a matter of updating a piece of outdated software, like a plugin, or even the browser itself.
View the FAQ's
It is quite possible we've come across this issue before. If the System Check page didn't help, please review the Motive LMS FAQ's to see if we can answer your question there.

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